Language Training

Tailored language courses in Business English

I am a certified language trainer specialising in business English. I draw on my 20 years’ experience as a translator and interpreter, which has given me an in-depth knowledge of many different business sectors as well as the time I spent working inhouse in communications.


My courses are designed to give you the confidence to overcome your everyday challenges. They are:

  • Targeted to your specific needs and business sector
  • Interactive, stimulating and with role play
  • Confidence-building
  • Skill-building to help you climb the career ladder

All courses meet Qualiopi and DataDock quality criteria and are eligible for CPF (compte personnel de formation) funding.

Since courses are tailored to your specific needs, feel free to contact us for a free quote. Please highlight  any special needs you may have so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Sarah Symon - Synonyms Translation/Traduction

Sarah Symon - Synonyms Translation/Traduction

Sarah Symon - Synonyms Translation/Traduction

Personal Coaching

Knowing how to communicate, build relationships of trust with your foreign clients or partners and manage multicultural environments is a major asset in today’s increasingly international world.

Since 2000, I’ve been coaching executives in business communications so that they acquire the skills they need to gain promotion or to become genuine ambassadors.

I help them to:

  • Build relationships of trust with their foreign counterparts
  • Push their ideas
  • Use convincing arguments to persuade others
  • Prepare and deliver punchy speeches or presentations
  • Prepare for all-important meetings or negotiations through role play

Support includes one-off assignments and full-day immersions.

Language testing

The growing need for staff to cope in international workplaces today calls for objective and easy to administer English language testing.

The LINGUASKILL (reference RS5871 by France Compétences) which replaced the BULATS in 2019, is the most widely-used test used by international corporations in France to certify language training courses.

A few arguments in favour of the LINGUASKILL:

  • 4-Skill - reading, listening, writing & speaking
  • Reputation - it was developed by the University of Cambridge
  • Easy to administer – an online test that is easy to organise with immediate results
  • Adaptive testing technology – use of leading-edge technologies whereby the level of difficulty of the questions is automatically adapted based on your answers, leading to more accurate results
  • Choice – available in General or Business English
  • Internationally recognized - aligned with the Council of Europe's Common European Framework




From intelligent translation to local adaptation

Businesses have diverse translation needs. At times all they need is a simple edit or translation, while at others something more creative is required to convey the force, impact and feeling of the original. At Synonyms we provide both.

Our multi-cultural team, managed by Sarah Symon, has 20 years’ experience in business, marketing, communications, crisis management, energy and IT among others. We understand the importance of meaning and nuance and pride ourselves in delivering professional results, on time and to tight deadlines.


Why struggle to write punchy copy in English, when you can call in a native English writer to do it for you?

Our team has a background in PR, marketing and advertising, writing copy to order for websites, newsletters, press packs, blogs, articles, etc


Facilitating international business

To successfully manage international business, conduct negotiations, secure deals or resolve issues, it is essential to fully understand all the details.

We provide interpreters who are accustomed to facilitating business discussions or attending trouble-shooting sessions.

Interpreters are an essential tool for enhancing productivity. They help you get straight to the point and find solutions quickly, saving time, effort and travel costs.